After Attorney Saul Goodman’s unfortunate departure, and because he has always been fictional, we have no attorneys on staff.  However, we can refer you to some great attorneys.

To be added to one of the lists below, the attorney must:

  1. Have a primary practice in the county.
  2. Dedicate much of his or her practice to the listed area of law.
  3. Not have a record of incompetence with the California Bar.
  4. Be in practice for five years or more.
  5. Be generally known to the site administrators as highly competent.
  6. Be published in a law book or journal related to his or her area of law, be certified by the Bar in the listed area of law, and/or make substantial pro bono contributions.

Attorneys are listed in random order.  Note: we do not personally know all of these attorneys, but each appears to meet the above criteria.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Immigration Attorneys

Estate Planning & Probate Attorneys

  • George Manolakas (661) 395-1705
  • Patrick Jennison (661) 324-2866
  • Nancy Oehler (661)395-1000

*Roger Lampkin is an author or contributor to multiple books related to criminal defense.


*Jeremy Brehmer has co-authored six books on DUI-related subjects.